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Actionable TikTok Analytics: Track Data That Matters

Get the daily stats for any TikTok profile. Improve your influencer marketing using insights into creators’ audience demographics, engagement, and performance of their video and hashtag challenges. All important data at your fingertips.

  • 4M+ influencers in the TikTok database
  • Account Quality Score based on machine learning
  • Commercial Challenges analysis
In-depth YouTube Analysis

In-Depth TikTok Analytics Made with Machine Learning Algorithms:

Analyze essential metrics with the HypeAuditor TikTok Analytics report supported by first-class technology and make data-driven decisions.

Check TikTok Account Quality

AI-powered Account Quality Score helps to understand the influencer’s performance and choose only authentic and effective creators for your marketing campaigns. TikTok AQS is based on a scale of 1 to 100 and calculated based on follower to following ratio, views to follower ratio, views spread, and engagement rate.

Check Account Quality
Instagram influencer’s Basic info and Contact details
Instagram Audience Demographics

Monitor TikTok Followers Growth

Get historical data on the creator’s audience growth. Analyze daily followers growth to see whether or not an influencer can constantly spark interest among their audience. Get the benchmarks and compare the growth rate of a particular creator with similar influencers.

Track Followers Growth

Analyze TikTok Video Performance

Get deep insights into the performance of any TikTok creator. Find the most viewed and most viral videos and analyze their metrics. With the TikTok Analytics report, you can check the number of likes, comments, shares, and Engagement Rates of videos of the most successful TikTok influencer’s.

Analyze content
Instagram Audience Type & Quality
Instagram Engagement Analyses

Evaluate Audience Engagement and Activity

Find out how engaged the influencer’s audience is. The Activity section of the report provides insights on daily likes growth, average likes, comments, shares, and views.

Check Engagement

Find Out TikTok Audience Demographics

HypeAuditor is the only TikTok Analytics tool that provides precise and credible information about TikTok audience demographics. You can find a wealth of information about influencer’s audiences, including country, age and gender distribution, and languages.

Find Audience Demographics
Instagram Growth Analyses
Instagram Engagement Analyses

Gain Insights Into TikTok Hashtag Challenges

If you want to get smart data about one of TikTok’s key engagement drivers, hashtag challenges, our analytics report is your indispensable tool. Discover the most engaging hashtag challenges that a particular influencer took part in.

Access Hashtag Challenges

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Powerful TikTok Tracker

TikTok continues to gain traction with hundreds of millions of monthly active users. If you use the social media network or consider using it in your influencer marketing activities, you need to get your head around TikTok data so you can make informed decisions.

HypeAuditor’s Analytics Reports allows you to perform a thorough analysis of influencer accounts to better understand TikTok creators’ performance. You can track meaningful metrics and get insights into their audience, engagement, and content.

HypeAuditor allows you to keep track of multiple valuable metrics so you can get all important information about the followers of your partner:

  • · Follower count
  • · Engagement Rate
  • · Likes-Comments Ratio
  • · The average number of views per post
  • · The estimated price per post

If you need to quickly check a particular account, you can use our free TikTok Engagement calculator and get instant results about their Engagement Rate, follower count, the average number of likes, and the total number of videos.

Advanced TikTok Followers Check

Collect all important information about any creator's audiences. HypeAuditor provides you with insights into their demographics and authenticity.:

Countries and languages

Find out where most of their audience lives and what languages they speak.

Age-gender split

See the distribution of age and gender groups among the followers to see if their audience aligns with your target market.

Audience type

Here you can discover the percentage of different follower types among the creator’s subscribers: content generators, content consumers, suspicious profiles, and other influencers.

Audience authenticity

Get an idea of how authentic their subscribers are. This metric shows you the number of non-suspicious accounts among the influencer’s followers.

You can also evaluate the viral potential for any creator. For example, generators and influencers are most likely to join challenges. Use this information to understand whether or not you should launch a challenge when working with a particular TikToker.

Advanced TikTok Followers Check

When conducting an influencer search, select several candidates and perform an in-depth account analysis. Compare their engagement metrics, audience demographics, and follower growth.

A quality TikTok profile assessment allows you to pick the best creators who have a large fan base and engage their subscribers with interesting content. Compare growth rate of several creators to discover potential social media stars.

Get access to the latest TikTok stats and analyze creators to find the right fit for your next influencer marketing campaign.

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