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Free Tools for Influencer Marketing

Free tools and calculators for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Spot fake followers, check influencer’s Engagement Rate, the price for sponsored content, EMV, and more.

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Instagram Engagement Calculator
Calculate the engagement rate of any influencer on Instagram
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Instagram Money Calculator
Сalculate estimated earnings & sponsored post price
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Instagram Audit & Fake follower check
Check any Instagram account for fake followers and engagement
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YouTube money calculator
Calculate the earnings from a sponsored Youtube Video
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YouTube Channel Quality Checker
Find the best performing YouTube channel
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Instagram EMV calculator
Calculate projected Earned Media Value for any Instgram influencer
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TikTok Engagement Rate Calculator
Calculate the engagement rate of any TikTok influencer
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TikTok Account Quality Checker
Check the quality of any TikTok account
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Free Influencer Marketing Tools to Get Started

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the popularity of influencer marketing. Many companies have made collaborations with social media creators a key part of their marketing mix.

But can you ensure your strategy is effective and bring the desired results? This is where good influencer marketing tools become your right hand to empower your campaign.

If you are looking for the right software, you can try our free influencer marketing tools and calculators first. Whether you work with Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, you will find a range of helpful tools that you can use for free. Below are just a few of our calculators

  • · Instagram Engagement Calculator
  • · Instagram Money Calculator
  • · Instagram Audit and Fake Follower Check
  • · YouTube Channel Quality Checker
  • · TikTok Engagement Calculator

Easily view the Engagement Rate on Instagram and the suggested price for a sponsored Instagram post or YouTube video. Check the account for fake followers and likes to understand how authentic their audience is.

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