Instagram Trends to Keep Your Page on Top In 2019

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Whether you’re running a small blog or a multinational business, Instagram marketing might be a goldmine in terms of exposure, traffic, and sales. 

  • An average of 1 billion people are using Instagram on a monthly basis, while more than half (500 million+) log in daily.
  • Instagram’s well-known for its young user demographic. 64% of Instagram’s users are between 18 and 29 years old.
  • 80% of Instagram accounts follow at least one business in 2019. Therefore, 8 out of 10 users are actively engaging with brands on Instagram.

There are more keys to a fruitful Instagram marketing experience. The first key is to understand whether your business model and offers are relevant to Instagram users. For example, if you sell legal services, LinkedIn might be much better for your business model. 

However, if you sell artistic products, physical products, digital products like eBooks and courses, or if you sell yourself as an entrepreneur/freelancer, Instagram marketing will suit you perfectly. 

The second key is to constantly stay up to speed with the latest Instagram trends. You must not only acknowledge, study, and understand them, but you must also immediately apply them. The quicker you adapt to the freshest trends the more competitive advantage your Instagram page will receive.

“Trends are everchanging – you cannot stop or ignore them. The only thing you can possibly do to keep your Instagram page on top in 2019 is to simply align yourself to them.“ – John Dix, CEO and marketing manager at

In today’s post, I’m sharing the most relevant and promising Instagram trends of 2019 that you can smartly leverage to improve your business page and your business performance. 

Custom Branded AR Filters

Augmented reality has been making a lot of progress in the last following years. By the end of 2019, AR is expected to blow up the Instagram marketing world. This technology is not new on Instagram. Augmented reality face filters (that are completely changing the users’ face while he’s taking a selfie) are already present for quite a while now.

In 2019, brands will have the possibility to develop customized stickers and GIFs that can be applied on their Instagram’s page (stories and posts). At the present moment, only a few brands are able to do that, as the feature is still in beta. By the end of the year, AR marketing is going to be the “next big thing” on Instagram so get ready.

Instagram Shopping is Going Big

Since there are so many interested shoppers on Instagram that have no choice other than entering a third-party store whenever they want to buy an online product, Instagram direct shopping feature will eliminate the hustle and uncertainty that comes with custom shopping experiences.

Again, IG shopping (as most people call it) is not fully implemented yet. Nevertheless, when the feature will be released to the public, brands will be able to showcase their offers by tagging their products (and prices) on the visual content they’re posting. 

If you’re running an online store and you’re promoting your products through influencers, this feature will help you capture and convert interesting leads without making them leave Instagram.

The greatest part is the fact that once this trend goes alive, the conversion rates of most merchants are going to significantly rise. Why? Because Instagram offers users a high degree of trust, and while they’re purchasing products from you, half of their mind will think that they’re “purchasing from Instagram”.

This subtle psychological factor will help you (the seller) improve your customer engagement and sales performance. The only thing you must do is find authentic influencers and leverage the new IG shopping features consistently until you get positive results.

Influencer Marketing Captures More Authenticity

Gone are the days of perfection. In 2019, influencers are requested to be more authentic and reachable. What we’re looking at is a change of mentality. In 2019, small and big influencers are starting to show a “different” side of their life. More specifically, authenticity and real-life expectations are being established. Of course, users love it.

Jenna Kutcher has gained over 500.000 new followers in one year, all by inspiring women from around the world. Her premise and authenticity are exactly the perfect examples of what “authenticity” means when it comes to Instagram influencers. 

Therefore, as a business, you’ll want to seek influencers that understand what it means to show authentic behavior on Instagram. Those that do it very naturally may represent a really great opportunity for you to boost your brand’s recognition and reputation as an authentic choice.

Tools and Automation are Essential

If you want phenomenal Instagram marketing campaigns in 2019, you need to think and act in terms of resources. Whether you’re running a small or huge Instagram page, you’ll want to get familiar with today’s technology benefits.

Instagram tools are not only useful but also critical in many instances. For example, tools help you automate your Instagram updates (stories and posts) by scheduling the exact date and time of postings. Therefore, you won’t have to hire anyone to do that and you’ll be able to forget about it and focus on more important things.

Some of the most popular Instagram tools that businesses leverage in 2019:


As I’ve mentioned earlier, Instagram trends cannot be ignored without consequences. I bet that you’re already constantly seeking solutions to improve your Instagram’s page traffic, engagement, and market position. Well, do that by leveraging the latest updates, trends, and patterns that you see in 2019. 

When 2020 comes, be ready for updates. When 2021 is here, don’t stop hustling. 2022? Nothing changes. You can go against the flow or with the flow. Start considering the trends I’ve mentioned in today’s post and take it from there. Best of luck!

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