How to Give an Effective Discount Coupon Giveaway on Instagram in 2019

Emma Thomas

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Instagram has evolved the concept of digital marketing by the hour. Billions of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen actively use Instagram to globally market their services and products. According to a recent survey, it has gained more followers than Twitter and how accelerating at a similar rate of Facebook. The captivating visual marketing strategies of businesses by images, videos, and stories engage the viewers’ attraction.

Apart from the attractive graphics, Instagram users hunt for discount offers, coupon codes, and giveaway activities. With great excitement, we always sign up for discount giveaways contest of our favorite brands to avail products at discounted rates.

Why businesses of 2019 should giveaway coupon codes on Instagram?

The secret of smooth 2019 tech marketing is to be active on all social media websites. Almost all the businesses are becoming the part of IG family to drive leads and attain hype.

1.  Instagram is getting jam-packed day by day, so it is a good platform to catch clients and drive leads by running coupon codes giveaways.

2.  It is an emerging forum of boosting brand awareness. It becomes easy to beat competitors.

3.  The algorithm of Instagram is highly optimized to create traffic on the web. The interaction rate of users is mostly high on Instagram.

4.  A business account fully equipped with quality content and SEO standard avail a chance of getting featured on the Explore Tab of the users.

Instagram users promote those brand’s account which often entertains its customers with reasonable discount offers. The brands can also take help from the coupon code dedicated websites like Finder, Retailmenot, ClothingRIC, and Groupon. These coupon providers can feature your business on their Instagram accounts and run giveaway campaigns. It can be called a secondary marketing strategy on Instagram.

Multiple ways of sharing discount coupons on Instagram

1. Utilizing public holiday or international days to run customized coupon giveaways is an ideal way of earning tons of profit. Take an example of ClothingRIC, recently the store launched a coupon giveaway campaign on Mother’s day. They offered several types of discount codes on their products. Mothers and children happily bought the packages because of the amazing discount deals. Similarly, a brand can run coupon codes on celebrations like Valentine and defense days. These coupon codes can vary in form of 50% or 25% off on shipping charges or 40% discount on spring days.

2.  How about presenting your coupon code in an attractive form of graphics like GIF and videos. A moving realistic graphics will engage more customers as video captivates the brain’s attention at a faster rate.

3.  It will be amazing to depict the coupon giveaway in a form of storytelling video. Giving a practical elaboration of the coupon in a video will compel the users to give a try to the products. The reason for successful discount giveaways is a powerful approach to creativity and innovation. How creatively you display your brand on Instagram!

4.  Put the promotional coupon images on Instagram stories with catch content.

5.  Paid-ad is also an effective tool for earning Instagram sales. With a good budget, you can run ads on Insta feeds and announce your coupon deals. It will get displayed on those feeds which have similar account followings.

What are the right methods of displaying coupon codes on Instagram to earn profitable leads?

By now, we are done with several ways of promoting coupon giveaways on Instagram.

Now, we would like to provide you with some exceptional marketing strategies of 2019 on Instagram. Let’s gear up.

Running coupon campaigns while boosting the database is the newest challenges for the businesses. But we have simplified it for you. Ask the users to register for a discount or coupon code on an Instagram post by registering with the email.

For example, “Do you want to avail the free shipping coupon for the next one month?” Provide a link with it and ask the user to fill their email in return. The email can be used for email marketing. Design and launched your own brand’s app. This app can be directly used by the customers and view the coupon details. It will create a bond between the brand and the customers. QR scan code option on Instagram is also useful for using the discount instantaneously.

Use hashtag game on Instagram of your brand name and coupon codes. This will create hype and make you go in trends. Hashtags are the backbones of Instagram. Running contests or sweepstakes on Instagram is also useful in engaging the public. Offer a prize in the form of discount or coupons for the winner.

We hope this article will be fruitful for your business on Instagram. Make your Instagram cooperative and engaging with discount offers and quality content. There is no doubt on how effectively Instagram boost a brand’s reputation and business.

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