Track down prospective influencers

Imagine that there may be some influencers out there who already talk about your brand. Search for accounts that mention your brand to find new prospective creators. Or partner with your most loyal customers who are eligible to become your brand influencers.

Track down prospective influencers

Get your message in front of the right audience

Discover creators by their audience’s location, age, gender, ethnicity, and interests. Partner with influencers who can spread your message right to your target audience.

Get your message in front of the right audience

Niche & Trending influencers

Enter any keyword and start searching for influencers in a specific niche. You can use #hashtags as keywords. Find creators with an exceptional growth rate. Soon you might see how these rising stars become widely known celebrities.

Niche & Trending influencers

Partner only with quality and authentic influencers

Filter out low-quality accounts and discover influencers with real audiences. Thanks to the industry-standard fraud detection solution, HypeAuditor allows you to find creators with authentic and engaged audiences and avoid wasting your budget on fake influencers.

Partner only with quality and authentic influencers

Find creators similar to your top influencers

Do you already work with successful talents? You can expand your network with more creators just like your best-performing influencers. Use a lookalike search and find accounts that share the same audiences and content topics with your brand ambassadors.

Find creators similar to your top influencers

Use Influencer Discovery in Just 3 Steps

The search tool is intuitive and easy-to-use allowing you to find relevant influencers in no time.

Apply search filters

Specify audience demographics, follower count, account quality, and other criteria that seem relevant.

Search by keywords

Amplify your selection process. Type in any keyword (e.g., ‘street style’) in the search bar to find niche influencers.

Organize influencers in lists

Create as many influencer lists as you like. Download your lists in a CSV file or share them with your team.

Proceed with candidates

Add influencers to your media plan, campaign, or mailing list to contact your best candidates.

Questions & Answers About Influencer Search

  • What is Influencer Discovery?

    Influencer Discovery by HypeAuditor is an easy-to-use influencer search tool that provides the largest database of over 23 million creators on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Multiple filters make the search process simple and smooth. The tool helps you find the best influencers for your brand from any country in any industry. You can tailor your results to your specific business needs and search for creators by audience demographics, follower number, engagement level, and more.

  • How can I find influencers for free?

    In HypeAuditor, you can search for influencers for free. Simply log into your HypeAuditor account, or register, if you don’t have it yet. Your free account allows you to use all the filters in the Discovery tool to sort out the results and get a list of the most relevant influencers. You’ll be able to see the first three results. To view the full list, you need a paid subscription.

  • How to find the right influencers?

    Influencer marketing can make it or break it. To ensure the success of your campaign you need to find influencers that your audience trusts. However, choosing the right creators for your brand without advanced tools at your fingertips is a tough challenge.

    That’s why many businesses that want to add value to their marketing and work with only relevant influencers rely on search tools and data. HypeAuditor Influencer Discovery provides you with a powerful solution to find your ideal match. By using a wide range of filters, you can optimize your selection and pick social media creators that best suit your needs and goals.

  • How to search for influencers in a particular niche?

    HypeAuditor allows you to identify Instagram and YouTube creators in a particular industry. When searching for profiles, simply apply the category filter and choose a topic in the drop-down menu. You’ll see a list of influencers who create content on a particular topic.

  • How large is the HypeAuditor influencer database?

    The total number of profiles in our influencer database exceeds 20 million profiles – it’s the largest influencer database on the market! It contains 12M+ Instagram, 4M+ YouTube, and 4M+ TikTok accounts.

  • Can I find micro-influencers for my brand?

    In HypeAuditor, we qualify micro-influencers as accounts with 10,000-100,000 followers. These creators are considered experts in their respective niche who connect with their audiences on a deeper level and sustain high engagement.

    If you want to find micro-influencers for your marketing needs, use advanced search in our Discovery tool. Use the Followers filter for Instagram and TikTok profile search (or Subscribers filter, if you’re looking for YouTube creators) and choose a specific audience size range to see accounts with 10,000-100,000 followers/subscribers.

  • How to use the HypeAuditor influencer search tool?

    To find creators in no time, follow these steps:

    1. Log into your HypeAuditor account (or sign in, if you don’t have one yet).

    2. Go to the Influencer Discovery section.

    3. Start your search by entering a keyword or location into the search bar. You can also use a hashtag as your keyword. Search by category is available for Instagram only.

    4. Or, you can apply different filters to narrow down your search results.

    5. When you get a list of influencers that match your requirements, analyze the profiles to find the most relevant creators for your marketing activities.

    If you have a paid HypeAuditor subscription, you can get the most of our powerful features for smooth influencer search.

  • How do I contact an influencer?

    In the HypeAuditor, you’ll find contact details of an influencer. But before reaching out to them, you need to do your research and analyze their profile in detail to craft your pitch accordingly. Check out the best ways to reach out to and negotiate with YouTube influencers and tips on crafting the perfect outreach email.