Media Plans for Influencer Campaigns

Create a media plan for your influencer marketing campaign on Instagram and YouTube.

Get estimates for campaign reach, target audience percentage, CPE, CPM, EMV, and ROI automatically. Share your branded media plan with your clients.

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Influencer Marketing Campaign Management

Manage and track your Instagram and YouTube influencer campaigns with the easy-to-use Campaigns tool.

Track your progress and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. Build informative reports and share them with your clients and colleagues.

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Influencer Outreach with Bulk Email

Reach out to influencers with bulk emails to scale your next influencer marketing campaign

Send bulk emails to influencers directly from HypeAuditor, personalize your message, and eliminate routine work to focus on building relationships.

Influencer outreach

Streamline Your Influencer Marketing with Campaign Management

Create a Media Plan for Your Campaign

Adjust campaign settings, including target audience, currency, dates, and visible metrics, and create a media plan for your campaign in an easy-to-use builder. Add influencers right from the Discovery tool and influencer lists. Add your business logo to brand your media plan.

Create a Media Plan for Your Campaign

Supercharge Your Influencer Outreach

Contact social media influencers at scale. Easily create and send bulk emails to influencers from HypeAuditor using your Gmail account. Personalize your messages with influencers’ full names. Start a conversation and build better relationships with influencers.

Supercharge Your Influencer Outreach

Get Estimates for Key Campaign KPIs

Once your media plan is created, you’ll get estimates for campaign reach, target audience percentage, Engagement Rate, CPE/CPM, EMV, and ROI. As easy as it gets! You don’t have to do any calculations manually, all key KPIs will be estimated automatically.

Get Estimates for Key Campaign KPIs

Keep Track of Your Campaign Progress

Track your influencer marketing activities and tasks to automate your review and approval processes. In HypeAuditor, you can track influencer status to better understand your campaign progress and which tasks you need to complete. Check your payment terms when needed and monitor payment status to take business actions on time.

Keep Track of Your Campaign Progress

Understand How Your Influencer Campaign Performs

Collect real-time statistics and analyze the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram and YouTube. Keep track of your total expenditures, CPE, CPM, EMV, and ROI. Get detailed insights about the total audience you reached with your campaign and see if this audience falls within your target market.

Understand How Your Influencer Campaign Performs

Check Engagement Authenticity for Instagram Posts

Track sponsored posts automatically or add them manually to your campaign and monitor performance and engagement for each Instagram post. We use a machine-learning algorithm to check engagement authenticity and detect potentially fraudulent activity for each sponsored post within a campaign, so you can better plan your next influencer marketing activity.

Check Engagement Authenticity for Instagram Posts

Report to Your Clients in a Few Clicks and Save Time

Organize the collected data in easy-to-understand, presentation-ready reports and share them with your clients or colleagues. Automate your reporting routine and save hours for what matters most.

Report to Your Clients in a Few Clicks and Save Time

To be successful in influencer marketing, it’s essential to measure the results of each campaign and each influencer to see what elements of your campaign worked well, learn how your target audience responded to the campaign, and get valuable insight for future campaigns.

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Questions & Answers About Campaign Management

  • How to plan an influencer campaign?

    To plan an influencer campaign, start with creating an influencer marketing brief. It should include your target audience, the outline of your messaging, key dates, and the campaign budget. You can create a media plan for your campaign right in HypeAuditor. Adjust all the settings based on your marketing brief, add influencers from the Discovery tool, and get your ready-made plan. You don’t have to calculate campaign reach, CPE, CPM, EMV, and ROI manually, HypeAuditor will do this for you.

  • What is influencer management?

    An influencer management process includes multiple tasks like searching for creators, reaching out to them, negotiating, managing your influencer campaigns, payments, and measuring results.

    All these tasks can be challenging without the right tools. HypeAuditor provides you with all key features for influencer campaign managements to find creators, analyze their accounts, running your campaigns, and tracking your performance.

  • What are the best influencer campaign management tools?

    There are various influencer marketing platforms on the market and each of them has its strengths. To choose software for your brand, you first need to understand what goals you want to achieve with influencer marketing. If you want to find quality social media creators for your business, manage your campaigns, and track the results of your activities, HypeAuditor is a great option. You can perform all these tasks in one place, search for authentic influencers, check them for potentially fraudulent activities, create a media plan for your campaign, and monitor the results.

  • How to measure influencer marketing campaigns?

    Measuring the results of your campaigns is essential for influencer marketing success. It helps you better understand what strategies work better than the others and how to optimize your next influencer campaigns.

    With HypeAuditor’s Campaigns tool, you can monitor the performance of your campaigns. You can keep track of real-time statistics like total expenditures, CPE or CPM, EMV, and ROI to understand the efficiency of your actions and empower your decision-making with meaningful insights.

  • What is an influencer marketing strategy?

    An effective influencer marketing campaign strategy helps businesses increase brand awareness, reach out to new customers, better connect with the existing audience, and gain trust among people. However, campaign development and management is a challenging and time-consuming process. 

    To achieve success, brands need to plan their campaign wisely, choose the right influencers to work with, and effectively manage their campaigns. Without the right influencer marketing tools at your disposal, these tasks can be difficult. That’s why we developed a powerful Campaign Management solution to help you manage and track your influencer campaigns with ease.

  • How to create a successful influencer marketing campaign?

    When developing your campaign, you need to identify your target audience, determine your key goals (what you want to achieve with influencer activities), and decide on your marketing budget. Make sure you partner only with quality influencers with real audiences. There’s no chance to succeed if you work with social media creators who don’t fit your brand, target market, and business needs.

    Always keep track of your progress and results. Analyze your campaign performance to better understand what works and what doesn’t work. With HypeAuditor’s Campaigns tool, you can monitor your results and check each sponsored post on Instagram for potentially fraudulent activities.