Werden Sie ein Influencer Marketing-Experte
Kostenlose Kurse und Zertifizierung für Vermarkter, die ihre Marketingfähigkeiten als Influencer beherrschen wollen

Our courses

HypeAuditor for Beginners
This free course will teach you how to use HypeAuditor to its fullest to make your influencer marketing even more efficient. After completing the course, you’ll have sufficient knowledge to find and choose authentic and relevant influencers for your marketing campaigns and pass the HypeAuditor exam.
Influencer Marketing Campaign Guide
This course will teach you how to deliver meaningful results for your brand and business and build an influencer marketing strategy based on data. After taking this course, you’ll learn how to identify and choose the best influencers, plan the campaign, and measure its effectiveness.
Instagram Account Analytics with HypeAuditor
Learn all the depths of Instagram account analytics. Understand how to properly analyze accounts and get meaningful insights from metrics and numbers. This course will guide you through HypeAuditor analytical reports and teach you how to read them so you can get the whole picture about their performance and audience. After completing the course, you will have sufficient knowledge about influencer analytics to take and pass the certification exam.
Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss unserer Kurse können Sie eine Prüfung ablegen und ein Zertifikat erhalten, das Ihre Kenntnisse nachweist.