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"A new study by HypeAuditor found that influencers across tiers of follower counts almost unanimously saw their Like counts fall..."

New [HypeAuditors'] Report Examines the Impact of Instagram's Hidden Likes Experiment on Influencer Engagement


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New Report Examines the Impact of Instagram's Hidden Likes Experiment on Influencer Engagement"

"This week, influencer marketing platform HypeAuditor has released a study of content from more than 154k Instagram influencers, each of whom sees at least 30% of their following coming from users in the regions in which Instagram's hidden Like counts test is currently running."

27 Aug, 2020

What It Means For Virtual Instagram Influencers’ Popularity Rising

"Despite the ups and downs of the CGI-influencer presence on social media, social media analytics firm HypeAuditor’s recent release of the “Top Instagram Virtual Influencers in 2019” reveals recent trends in the demographic."

03 Aug, 2020

Instagram to test hiding Like counts in US, which could hurt influencers

"A new study by HypeAuditor reported by Social Media Today found that influencers across tiers of follower counts almost unanimously saw their Like counts fall in countries where the hidden Like count test was active. Likes fell 3% to 15% in all the countries for influencers with 5,000 to 20,000 followers."

08 Nov, 2019

Social media influencers are balancing ‘authentic’ messaging during protests and the pandemic

Companies spent an estimated $5.2 billion on influencer marketing on Instagram alone in 2019, according to social media analytics firm HypeAuditor. That number could reach up to $6.5 billion in 2020.

12 Jun, 2020

Instagram tests hiding Like counts globally

The expansion raises concerns that the test could hurt influencers and creators after a study by HypeAuditor found many of them of various levels of popularity lost 3% to 15% of their Likes in countries where Instagram hid the counts.

14 Nov, 2019

Is this the end of the Instagram’s follow-unfollow trick?

Hypeauditor’s research shows the limits made to individual IP addresses have caused a decline in the use of the popular follow-unfollow method by as much as 84% within the first month of the update.

31 Oct, 2019

CGI-Created Virtual Influencers Are the New Trend in Social Media Marketing

According to HypeAuditor, "Virtual Influencers have almost three times more engagement than real influencers. That means that followers are more engaged with virtual influencers content."

31 Jul, 2020

Instagram tests hiding how many people like a post. That has influencers worried

Users will still be able to see their own likes, it is only their followers who will now not be able to see how many likes a photo got. In the early rollouts, influencers saw like counts fall in countries where it was hidden, a study from analytics firm HypeAuditor found. Likes fell 3% to 15% in all the countries for influencers with 5,000 to 20,000 followers.

15 Nov, 2019

Essence Cosmetics is the Latest Brand with a Virtual Instagram Influencer

Supporting his statements, a 2019 survey by HypeAuditor, showed that virtual influencers have almost three times more engagement rate than real influencers. The AI-powered platform has worked with brands and agencies such as Dior, Unilever, LVMH, GroupM, Ogilvy, Reprise Digital, and Havas Media.

04 Dec, 2019

Chad Focus Wanted to Be a Rap Mogul. How Much Fraud Would It Take?

Other sites still provide these kinds of services, but generally charge a fee; a report generated by one such firm, HypeAuditor, graded the audience quality of Chad Focus's main Instagram account as "poor," at 15 out of 100, and estimated that less than 40 percent of his followers were authentic.

20 Dec, 2019

3 outils pour trouver des influenceurs qui correspondent à votre marque

HypeAuditor dispose d’une base de données de plus de 10 millions d’influenceurs ayant des comptes Instagram ou YouTube. Pour chaque profil, 35 indicateurs sont affichés pour vous aider à sélectionner vos ambassadeurs potentiels. Parmi eux, vous retrouvez : l’âge, le genre de l’influenceur, la localisation, le type d’audience et un quality score.

20 Jul, 2020

TikTok: voici comment ca marche et notre guide pour tout savoir

En France, une récente étude réalisée par HypeAuditor en 2020 dresse le profil de l'utilisateur moyen. On découvre ainsi que TikTok passionne davantage un public féminin. Ainsi six utilisateurs sur dix (60,17%) sont des TikTokeuses. En outre, 51,3 % du public actif de TikTok en France sont des utilisatrices âgées de 13 à 25 ans.

05 Aug, 2020

¿Qué significaría para TikTok quedar vetado de los Estados Unidos?

Y es que en la nación norteamericana es donde hay mayor cantidad de influencers, según HypeAuditor, seguida de India (donde la app también fue prohibida), Turquía y Rusia. De hecho, las pretensiones de Microsoft es controlar las acciones de TikTok no solo en los EU sino también en naciones como Australia, Canadá y Nueva Zelanda.

11 Aug, 2020

Nada cresceu tanto quanto o TikTok, e e por isso que Trump esta de olho

Estados Unidos e Índia, contudo, são os maiores celeiros de influenciadores do TikTok, diagnosticou a agência HypeAuditor, que analisa tendências internacionais das redes sociais. Os norte-americanos lideram com 12,71% dos influencers globais; os indianos, na sequência, respondem por 7,77%.

13 Aug, 2020

Was die Coronakrise mit Influencern macht

Schon ein sogenannter Nano-Influencer mit gerade einmal 5000 Followern kann mittlerweile zwischen zehn und 60 Dollar pro Beitrag verlangen, in dem er Produkte anpreist. Das zeigt eine aktuelle Auswertung der US-Agentur Hypeauditor für den deutschen Markt.

21 Apr, 2020

Les sujets les plus populaires sur Instagram pendant le confinement

HypeAuditor a analysé l’évolution des comportements sur Instagram pendant le confinement, depuis le début de la crise du Covid-19. Les tendances de recherche sur cette plateforme utilisée par plus d’un millard de personnes peuvent se révéler être de bons indicateurs pour comprendre les attentes des communautés.

14 Apr, 2020

Why Instagram Hiding Likes Will Make Your Feed Less Awful

At first, these worries seemed justified. An early study by analytics company HypeAuditor found that influencers with followings of between 5,000 and 20,000 lost up to 15 per cent of their likes when they were hidden – out of sight, out of mind for both viewers and content creators. But many have now come around to the benefits it gives them.

25 Nov, 2019

Selena Gomez crowned top Instagram celeb beating Kylie Jenner and Ronaldo

HypeAuditor places her top because she gets an average of 3.6 million likes per post. Boffins at the site use programmes to weed out fake followers and the data is used by firms wanting to get the best value for money from stars plugging products and services.

09 Jun, 2019

Fighting Instagram's $1.3 Billion Problem—Fake Followers

The fake followers would fit in anywhere: padding out an obscure microinfluencer's ranks, creating the illusion of customers for a would-be T-shirt seller, skulking among legions of real fans on celebrity accounts like Ellen DeGeneres'. A report projects that these fake fans will cost brands $1.3 billion in 2019 alone.

09 Oct, 2019

Influencer costs not rising, but brands need courage to negotiate better rates

Influencer marketing has become commoditised, but reports that its cost is skyrocketing are wide of the mark and the industry needs to look beyond follower counts.

14 Nov, 2019

HypeAuditor Discovers Legitimate, Relevant Influencers for Your Marketing Campaigns

We spoke with Alexander Frolov, Co-Founder & CEO of HypeAuditor about their platform which detects fake accounts while checking the quality of legitimate profiles and their audience demographics to help you find your most relevant influencers. Their tools can also supply data on your competitor’s influencer marketing campaigns to help you best strategize your own.

07 Oct, 2020

Influencers Don’t See Instagram Reels’

Alexander Frolov, co-founder and CEO of HypeAuditor, an AI-powered tool that helps brands and marketers match up with the right influencers, said in an email, “The greatest TikTok achievement is its recommendations algorithm and the simplicity of content creation, while the biggest challenge facing Reels, Dubsmash, Byte and Triller is to beat it and make the product even better.”

19 Oct, 2020

Where is Influencer Marketing Heading in 2021?

As 2021 is just around the corner, Alexander Frolov, CEO of HypeAuditor, shares the trends he thinks will arise next year.

16 Nov, 2020

HypeAuditor Review and Interview

When HypeAuditor was founded, Alexander Frolov quickly encountered a problem; influencer fraud. It became apparent that he had to discover a way to overcome this, for the sake of both the business and its customers. Alexander told me more about these initial challenges

25 Nov, 2020

Instagram 'micro' influencers are helping fuel industry rebound

Brands working with micro and nano influencers has been a continuing industry trend, which the pandemic has bolstered, said Alexander Frolov, the CEO and cofounder of HypeAuditor.

05 Dec, 2020

Die Schattenseite des Ruhms: Wie Influencerinnen mit Neid, Kritik und Hass zu kämpfen haben

Wie viele von ihnen in Deutschland genau arbeiten und wie viel genau sie verdienen, lässt sich nur schwer beziffern. Sucht man bei der Plattform „HypeAuditor“, eine an Agenturen gerichtete Suchmaschine, nach deutschsprachigen Influencern, erhält man zwar über 80.000 Ergebnisse

17 Mar, 2021

How to build a powerhouse PR campaign through influencer marketing

f you treat influencer marketing as an ongoing process, and not just one-time promotions, then you need to set and track key performance indicators for each influencer. These can be conversions, reach, engagement rate, comment sentiment and the number of comments.

16 Mar, 2021


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